REACH Program

Helping cancer survivors REACH their potential by restoring function, optimizing health and improving quality of life.

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REACH Program: Rehabilitation Exercise during And after Cancer Therapy

About the program

The REACH program is designed specifically for breast cancer survivors, providing safe and effective exercise programming, considers your needs and limitations based on your treatment and health history. Designed to improve energy levels, reduce the impact of treatment on physical functioning and overall deconditioning during and following cancer treatments. It aims to help patients manage fatigue, improve flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle wasting, functional impairment, and most importantly, improve quality of life.  As well, you will be provided with a home-based exercise program to help improve function and cardiovascular conditioning outside of scheduled class times.

Note: For women undergoing active treatment, further medical clearance might be needed from your family physician.

Benefits of exercise for breast cancer survivors

We have the knowledge and training to help you safely manage the side effects of your cancer therapy through exercise training. Some of the benefits associated with exercise training for cancer survivors include:

  • Improve physical functioning

  • Improve aerobic performance

  • Improve muscular strength and endurance

  • Improve levels of fatigue

  • Improve the quality of life

  • Protective against lymphedema flair-ups  

  • Improve body image or self-confidence

  • Improve symptoms of depression/anxiety

  • Improve rates of reoccurrence and mortality

Why should you attend supervised sessions?

Agencies including Cancer Care Ontario and the American College of Sports Medicine, suggest that exercising in a supervised group setting will help better improve outcomes to exercise training and promotes better social support. Being supervised by a healthcare professional with expertise in cancer and exercise also ensures your exercise is safe and effective for promoting the benefits of exercise training.

Your first visit

During your first visit, you will meet with a Registered Kinesiologist, with specialized training in cancer and exercise, who will provide individualized exercise counseling, review your health history, provide you will further instructions for exercise clearance if necessary, and tailor your program to fit your needs and schedule. You will also be provided with an exercise prescription for an at home-based aerobic training program to complete while you are enrolled in the program. Lastly, your home-based program will be monitored weekly and exercise progressions will be provided.

Below is a list of measurements that will be taken during your first assessment:

  • Assess your muscular endurance/strength

  • Assess your physical function

  • Patient-reported outcomes (i.e., fatigue and quality of life)

  • Collect information on your treatments and side effects to better tailor your program and provide exercise recommendations

  • Assess arm and shoulder mobility

  • Assess for lymphedema if necessary

  • Assess for fracture risk if necessary

  • Ensure you are safe to exercise

Cost of initial assessment (Mandatory): $129.00

Ongoing class involvement

Classes will be held on a weekly basis for a one-hour session. Each class will include a warm-up, strength/endurance based exercises using resistance training, core exercises, mobility exercises, and a cool down. Exercise diaries will also be collected weekly to monitor your home-based exercise program and provide exercise recommendations based on your response to the exercise, feedback, and motivation.

Price plans

Option 1: once per week à $23 per class OR $276.00 for three months ($92 per month)

Option 2: twice per week à $21 per class OR $504.00 for three months ($168 per month)

Option 3: three times per week à $19 per class OR $684.00 for three months ($228 per month)

Your follow up visit

During the follow-up visit, we will reevaluate the same measurements that were assessed in your initial assessment and feedback will be provided regarding your progress. You will also be provided with recommendations on how to proceed with your exercise training following completion of the program. Lastly, you will be provided with information on resources for exercising in your community.

Cost of follow up assessment (Mandatory): $129.00

Other services offered

Personal training sessions specifically for cancer survivors

  • These services are offered to individuals at any point during their cancer journey including the pre-operative phase, during treatment and following therapy.

  • Your rate for one-on-ones?

Exercise counseling and prescription (60 minutes)

  • The same initial assessment outlined above

  • Cost of this without the program is $189

Ongoing exercise counseling and support (30 minutes)

  • This service is offered to anyone who completes an exercise counseling and prescription session and who would like ongoing support, education, and counseling.

  • This is likely best suited for individuals who are motivated to exercise at home but would like someone to keep them accountable to their program.

  • Will ensure that you are progressing your exercise safely and effectively to maximize your benefits from exercise training

  • Cost of each session is $79

Coming soon

  • Pilates for breast cancer survivors ☺ Class Dates/Times TBD Stay Tuned for our Open House information Session.