Emma-Kate Millar

Owner of Body Mason

Emma-Kate Millar was introduced to the Pilates method in 2003. Prior to that, Emma-Kate was a professional Modern Dancer with a background in competitive Irish Dancing. Strength, fitness, flexibility and body awareness were absolute pre-requisites for her as a performer. However, in 2003 she sustained a serious back injury, which threatened to take away her abilities as a dancer and physically limit her life through pain.  That year her injuries brought her to Pilates, and the foundations of the method have allowed her to achieve a full recovery and beyond: Pilates have allowed her to attain a level of physical health and balance which had transformed her life.  It wasn’t long before Emma-Kate decided to learn to teach the method to others. After graduating from York University in Dance Sciences—with a special focus on Dance Injury—she attained certification under the Pilates Method Alliance. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work in some of the best studios in Toronto and to teach alongside Top Master Trainers. All of these experiences have well prepared her to create Body Mason: a culmination of many years of knowledge and hands-on experience of helping bring awareness to the body—its movement, its strength and its resilience.