T  R  A  N  S  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N

Take the confusion out of your workouts and daily nutrition. It’s been proven that 90% of fitness and diet fads are unsuccessful! Why? Because they are not tailored to your unique body and lifestyle. Let our top-notch experts teach you exactly how to hit your physical and mental goals based on YOUR specific Genetics!


The process is simple and easy!

Step 1: Take the GeneBlueprint Genetic cheek swab! 

(Sit patiently!) 4 weeks later-- We suggest you take those 4 weeks to familiarize yourself with the Essential CORE and Essential Reformer Classes ($89 for 2 classes a week for 4 weeks NOT Included in the price) if you are new to the studio and the Pilates Method.

Step 2: Meet with a Body Mason Master trainer for your initial assessment in order to learn the foundation of the Pilates Method and the equipment (55min).

Step 3: Meet with our Registered Nutritionist to discuss your current diet and goals (2x 30 min consultations). You will also receive a seamless one-month tailored meal plan to follow. To keep yourself accountable, you will continue to work with our Nutritionist to ensure you’re succeeding each and every day. 

Step 4: Meet with your trainer (15-minute consultation) to review your results and program your classes based on your genetic needs. This could mean adding in more Cardio based classes, Bone Building classes, or Power Machine classes depending on your specific Genetic traits.

Step 5: After 3 months of practicing your custom fitness program and eating based on your tailor-made nutrition plan, you will meet with your trainer (55 min) to track your success and plan the next chapter of your transformation!


>> 1 Genetic Test for Life
• Personalized online dashboard
• Personal support contact with GeneBlueprint

>> 1 Month Nutrition Plan based on your Genetic results (@whatmalloryeats)

  • 2 Thirty minute consultations including a Nutritional Analysis resulting in one month of individualized, structured meals (with suggested brands/products for the best results), tailored snacks, meal timing, pre/post workout meals, and vitamin rich foods based on your goals and  genetic results
  • Facetime or Skype mini meetings to discuss your progress and potential challenges over the 3 months:

1 x 20 minute session per week = $350.00  
1 x 20 minute session bi-weekly = $210.00  
1 x 20 minute session per month = $130.00

>> 3 Month Membership at Body Mason = 48 classes based on your Genetic Preferences

>> 2 One on One sessions with a Pilates Instructor to build your plan and log your results

  • Before and After your Transformation

>> BONUS:  Body Mason Tote Bag AND

  • $20 off of your 4th Month of the Body Mason Membership or the  Unlimited Pass to maintain your transformation!
  • 15% off your next One on One package of 5 or more sessions

** Registration is open January 15th until March 1st to make sure all test results are in and you have met with all of your initial assessments. Your 3 Month Transformation begins April 1st 2018! **