Emma-Kate Millar

Owner of Body Mason

Emma-Kate Millar was introduced to the Pilates method in 2003. Prior to that, Emma-Kate was a professional Modern Dancer with a background in competitive Irish Dancing. Strength, fitness, flexibility and body awareness were absolute pre-requisites for her as a performer. However, in 2003 she sustained a serious back injury, which threatened to take away her abilities as a dancer and physically limit her life through pain.  That year her injuries brought her to Pilates, and the foundations of the method have allowed her to achieve a full recovery and beyond: Pilates have allowed her to attain a level of physical health and balance which had transformed her life.  It wasn’t long before Emma-Kate decided to learn to teach the method to others. After graduating from York University in Dance Sciences—with a special focus on Dance Injury—she attained certification under the Pilates Method Alliance. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work in some of the best studios in Toronto and to teach alongside Top Master Trainers. All of these experiences have well prepared her to create Body Mason: a culmination of many years of knowledge and hands-on experience of helping bring awareness to the body—its movement, its strength and its resilience.

Leigh Bush

Pilates Instructor

Leigh Anne Bush is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor.  A former dancer, Leigh was introduced to Pilates 13 years ago after an injury and since then has been passionate about Pilates and its ability to change people’s lives.  Leigh has recently returned to Toronto after 7 years in Los Angeles where she studied and worked as a professional actor and Pilates Instructor.  One of her most valued teaching experiences there was working with Dr. Walker Ozar, D.C., creating individualized and comprehensive treatment plans for injury prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation.  Leigh also specializes in pre and postnatal Pilates.  Whether you are expecting, looking for a new challenge, a seasoned athlete, or recovering from an injury, Pilates can improve how you move, look and feel.  Leigh’s mission is to share mind-body exercises that fulfill both fitness and health goals and enrich people’s lives.

Meghan Cafferky

Pilates Instructor

Meghan Cafferky has been observing, analyzing and thinking about moving bodies for the majority of her life. Formerly a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, Meghan has always been interested in the functionality of the human form. She graduated from York University with a BFA Honors in Dance and is one of the original founding members and former co-artistic director of Alias Dance Project. Meghanʼs love for highly physical movement also led her to train as a b-girl with some of the top b-girls in the city with The Toronto B-Girl Movement. When Meghan discovered Pilates, it opened up new and exciting ways to investigate the body. Meghan became a fully certified Pilates Process® Instructor in early 2014. Since then she has continued her training in therapeutic courses and workshops, to broaden her scope to include clients in need of rehabilitation. These studies have further developed Meghan’s ability to program effective workouts that improve posture, alignment and movement. Working to strike a balance between these two worlds, Meghan offers her clients the rewards of a challenging, yet safe and effective workout. Her goal is to help people find balance and develop the strength from the inside out.  



Emily Hobbes

Pilates Instructor

A former national rhythmic gymnast, Emily discovered Pilates in 2009 as a means to stay in shape during some time off. Quickly realizing how the mindful movements could address past injuries and prevent future ones - while improving her performance as an athlete - she was hooked. The coordination and body awareness Emily developed through Pilates, has been a perfect compliment to her contemporary dance training. As a recent graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and an emerging artist, she is constantly inspired by the capabilities of the human body, and is always looking to push her own boundaries. Emily is certified through both Exhale Pilates and STOTT, with training in mat, reformer, and stability chair. She is also a certified barre-none instructor. Emily hopes to share her love of movement with her clients and help them retrain their bodies into alignment


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Milena R.

Pilates Instructor


Milena began practicing Pilates in Montreal in 2001. Her interest in the method led her to acquire her certification with Polestar Pilates in 2008. Since then she has taught in various studios, health and fitness centers and corporate facilities. She has participated in workshops with distinguished instructors Brent Anderson, President and CEO of Polestar Pilates and Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel. Aside from continuing her Pilates education and practice, Milena is a visual artist and obtained her MFA from York University in 2014.

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Sarah Fregeau

Pilates Instructor

Sarah came to Pilates in 2007 as a professional dance student at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre suffering from regular injury. She found that the method rebalanced her muscular patterns and realigned her structure in a way that provided deeper strength and protected against overuse and muscular imbalance injuries.
Sarah completed her Pilates teacher training in reformer and mat work at Inhabit Pilates & Movement, and brings with her an intuitive understanding of the body from a ten year career as a professional dancer and dance teacher that took her across Canada and Europe. Sarah continues to dance professionally, regularly creating and performing work as a member of Peggy Baker Dance Projects, as well as freelancing with various other choreographers.
She hopes to bring to her clients healthy, efficient, movement as well as a better understanding of the body.