Meghan Cafferky

Pilates Instructor

Meghan Cafferky has been observing, analyzing and thinking about moving bodies for the majority of her life. Formerly a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, Meghan has always been interested in the functionality of the human form. She graduated from York University with a BFA Honors in Dance and is one of the original founding members and former co-artistic director of Alias Dance Project. Meghanʼs love for highly physical movement also led her to train as a b-girl with some of the top b-girls in the city with The Toronto B-Girl Movement. When Meghan discovered Pilates, it opened up new and exciting ways to investigate the body. Meghan became a fully certified Pilates Process® Instructor in early 2014. Since then she has continued her training in therapeutic courses and workshops, to broaden her scope to include clients in need of rehabilitation. These studies have further developed Meghan’s ability to program effective workouts that improve posture, alignment and movement. Working to strike a balance between these two worlds, Meghan offers her clients the rewards of a challenging, yet safe and effective workout. Her goal is to help people find balance and develop the strength from the inside out.