Intermediate Level

Morning Masons

Kickstart your day by waking up your body and mind with this mixed level mat workout. Delicious feel-good movements blended with the conditioning work of a Pilates class, using weights and small props, will have you feeling sculpted and toned and ready to conquer the day. Essential CORE Mat is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Cardio Tramp

Get your heart rate up and sweat it out with cardio interval training, using the Cardio-Tramp™ attachment on the reformer. Alternate between cardio intervals and strength training. **Experience necessary. Advanced level, Essential Reformer is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Body Conditioning

Using the reformer gain a more detailed understanding of correct alignment with specific attention to technique, while identifying personal muscular imbalances and misuses throughout your workout. Intermediate level class, Essential Reformer is a recommended prerequisite for this class.

Arms and Abs

Enjoy a Mat class specifically developed to define your shoulders and arms, while tightening and toning your mid-section. Utilize various pieces of small equipment to always keep your workout new and exciting. **Experience necessary, Essential Mat is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Abs & Bum

Get ready for an hour focused on two of our favourites- sculpting your bum, and toning your tum! An intermediate level class that will ask your core muscles to turn on, and fire up! Your bum won’t even have a chance to be lazy, as we maximize your tone and lift experience. We want two of our favourite experiences, to become yours too!

Sculpt and Tone

A full body mat workout, focusing on sculpting long, lean muscles and toning trouble areas. Use a variety of Pilates small props to get the maximum results from your workout. **Experience necessary, Essential Mat is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Friday Flow

Thank Pilates It’s Friday! This class is all about melty movement, giving the body some TLC to finish off your week and begin your weekend. A hybrid of self-massage, Pilates, yoga, and restorative, this is the juicy class your body will be craving Friday morning.