Essential CORE (Mat Class)

Learn the foundations of the Pilates method or deepen the basics. This class develops and refines proper biomechanics and increased body awareness as the foundation for all Pilates exercises. We guide you through a series that explores what ‘connecting to your core’ means while learning the basic Pilates terminology. This class will give you the foundations to creating that functional, strong core you desire, and help you be successful in intermediate and advanced level classes.

Essential Reformer

This 'no fluff' class teaches you the essential components to what a reformer is, how it works, and how to tailor it to your specific needs. We keep it slow and steady for a mindful and focused burn.

Tone and Recharge (Mat Class)

Recharge from your week in this nurturing all-levels Mat Pilates class that helps bring your awareness back into your body while you shed some daily stress from both your body and mind. Each class begins with invigorating conditioning and toning, and ends with deeply relaxing more restorative work.

Essential Barre (Mat Class)

Let your inner dancer out! Our Foundational class to a Ballet Barre will have you feeling muscles you never knew you had. Sculpt and tone like a professional and dance your way to longer leaner muscles.