What are we talking about in Pilates when we talk about Precision?

Precision  is a combination of strength, focus, breath, alignment, concentration and balance - it combines ALL of the fundamentals of the Pilates Method.

For me, this means taking my practise to a deeper more intense level. Working with precision is moving deliberately with intent and purpose. It means being specific about your movement and executing each rep to the best of your ability without losing your technique. Doing 100 reps of the hardest exercise is not going to improve your technique or give you the results you want, without precision.

Precision is about making a profound change in the way you move, with patience, concentration, centering and control. It may mean you do less repetitions of a particular exercise, but in the long term precision is rewarded as you gain strength and stability.

Precision is achieved by layering the elements of the methods that I have talked about over the past year; Concentration, Control, Alignment, Breath, Centering and Balance. Working deliberately with control and intent is very challenging!

Challenge yourself this month by focusing on your Precision in class. Quiet your mind, and delve deeper into the Essential Mat and Essential Reformer classes and see what beautiful treasures you can find in the layers of the work.