To make profound changes in our bodies and in our practise we need to be present and focused. Easier said than done I know! Showing up is just the beginning. How can we leave our distractions at the door and concentrate in our classes, when our days are filled with interruptions and distraction?

Joseph Pilates lists Concentration as one of his principles of healthy practise and I completely agree. I like to remind my clients that Pilates is a ‘Brain Gym’ first! Making time to spend 55 minutes present in your body and mind is a great gift to give yourself.

In previous posts we spoke about breath, and here we can help use breath to concentrate on our bodies. Beginning class with slow deliberate breaths helps to bring your attention to how you are feeling, where your bones are resting, and where you are holding tension. By concentrating on your instructor's voice and your breath, you can start to move through the class with intent.

No matter what the focus of the class may be, my level of concentration is directly linked to my desire to be present. To hear my instructor, to hear my breath and to grant myself the room to just move, mistakes and all.

In Pilates we focus on strengthening our core and other muscles. Like our glutes or abs, concentration can with training become stronger.  We can see the improved ability to focus our minds as result of this training. At Body Mason we strive to provide an environment to help you cultivate a strong body and a focussed mind and that’s one powerful combination.