Soul to Sole!

Body Mason is thrilled to be carrying the Soul to Sole Dance Kit. What is this you ask?


This kit is a fantastic addition to your movement practises whether it be Pilates, Yoga, Dance or any activity involving your FEET. Soul to Sole exercises promote Functional Ability, Strength, and Increased Flexibility while Preventing Injury. The kit comes with one Rolling Massager to warm up the feet and help them get ready to MOVE! (doesn't that sounds lovely), a Strengthening Ball to gain strength, mobility and control in the toes and arches, and a Thera-Band for Dorsi and Plantar Flexion combining strength training and mobility. 

Meet the brilliant woman behind the kit, Courta! 


Courta danced in Ontario, Canada at various dance studios in recreational, competitive, and exam dance until creating the not-for-profit program Acadia Dance Collective Community in Wolfville, Nova Scotia while completing degrees in Kinesiology and in Arts (Sociology). Courta spent over a decade dancing, teaching, and creating connections all over Nova Scotia until returning to family in Ontario. She taught at awesome studios for some truly talented dancers while also becoming an Affiliate Member of the Society of Russian Ballet and a Fitness Instructor. She became the consultant for ADCC, created and taught fitness classes, taught in Acadia University’s School of Music, and worked as a rehab therapist while presenting health & wellness segments on Rogers TV's Healthy Living. Courta is excited to bring together her knowledge, skills, and passion for dance, well-living, and health promotion to Soul To Sole Dance Inc – S2SD engages the community with a focus on the important mind, body, soul connection that is inextricably linked in the art of dance. In addition to dancing, Courta practices yoga, enjoys strength and conditioning training and gardens when the Canadian weather permits! She loves learning about health and fitness, and loves growing and eating food! As the owner and Education Coordinator at S2SD Courta is passionate about sharing educational opportunities for teachers and students to create the most balanced experiences for all dancers.

When I was living the glory days as a dance and fitness teacher in Nova Scotia, I developed the S2SD Kit to help my students gain and maintain strength, flexibility, as well as prevent and treat injury. As a dancer and fitness, rehab, and movement professional I understand the importance of early intervention when it comes to injury as well as the benefits of working to prevent them altogether. Who wants to sit in a physio clinic three times a week for six weeks?! I carefully selected tools that would bring about the quickest benefit to users. Inside the S2SD Kit there are easy to follow exercises for each of the three tools in the kit. Our social media contain images and videos of these exercises and users are encouraged to share their own exercises using the hashtags #S2SD & #MindBodySole. We are always coming up with new exercises for the kits and the possibilities are endless! The best part about these kits is that you can use them at home, in studio, or at the office whether you’re into fitness, hiking, or Pilates. S2SD Kits are perfect as a warm up tool prior to class or physical activity. Designed for ages 8+ the kits can be useful to someone with great flexibility or someone with limited range of motion looking to gain flexibility or recover from a long day on her/his feet. When it comes to Pilates you find people who genuinely enjoy achieving a physically active lifestyle. Not surprisingly, these are people who love to be fit and invest in their personal and family fitness. Pilates is a highly sought after form of physical activity and fitness participation because, unlike some other fitness methods, you leave the studio feeling GREAT - worked, aligned, strong, and flexible. The principles of alignment that are characteristic of Pilates ensure participant’s safety and benefit. Support this positive achievement both inside and outside the studio with the S2SD Kit!