Q&A: Get to know Deanna

What is your death-row meal: Hot dogs

When stress gets too much: Turn of all electronic devices, go for a long walk and meditate...followed by a glass or 3 of red.

What childhood toy are you embarrassed you still have: Eeyore from Winnie the pooh  stuffed animal...it's tail comes off

The thing that makes you most happy: It makes me happy when I can make someone really laugh...and of course my almost daily baths

What are you most scared of: my own shadow...just kidding, just snakes

What do you have to force yourself to do: Force myself to make quick decisions..so indecisive

What’s your power jam song: Power Trip J Cole

First kiss – when and where: 14years old in the school yard

Bucket list trip: African Safari

What is your zombie apocalypse plan: Turn them into human beings


Favourite colour: Green

Favourite movie: The Holiday

Tim’s or Starbucks: Starbucks

Top 3 desert island luxuries: Chocolate, a martini, pen and paper

Favorite Pilates exercise at the moment: Ab curls over the squishy ball