First Week Recap and Q&A: Get to Know Me!


WOW, what a first week it is has been! It was so incredible to have so many new faces pop by and say hello. Please, if you’re in the area, stop by for a tea and have a look around. We’re at 901 Yonge Street, suite 205, just north of the big Canadian Tire at the corner of Church Street.

As promised, I wanted to tell you a bit more about me. For a rundown of my professional training and work experience, you can read my official bio. But I also want you to get a real sense for who I am as a person. I asked a friend of mine to draw up a Q&A that I could get every member of the Body Mason team to fill out.

Without further ado, I’m up first:

What is your death-row meal: a good old steak and fritz, big old mash potatoes. I’m British.

When stress gets too much: I go to the dance studio. It’s a place I can reflect and push through.

What childhood toy are you embarrassed you still have: My blankee. It’s the classic 1983, rainbow of pinks and blues and yellows and white with a satin border. It’s pretty scraggly.

The thing that makes you most happy: Easy. My family and friends and the people in my life.

What are you most scared of: failure.

What do you have to force yourself to do: Be organized. I was the kid who left lunch on the table and sweaters on park benches. I was the kid chasing butterflies during my softball games. Focus is a muscle I have to work at.

What’s your power jam song: Haha. It’s Eye of the Tiger. Don’t judge.

First kiss – when and where: It was in kindergarten in the family kitchenette area. His name was Andrew. I knew it wasn’t going to last. He was kissing a lot of girls in the kitchen those days.

Bucket list trip: Eat my way through Italy.

What is your zombie apocalypse plan: I talk about this a lot. First, I would find a long trench coat with lots of pockets and then stock up on resources. Mostly edible things because I don’t do well without food. I’d find a map, because phone service isn’t going to last. I’d look for some sort of a weapon and a first aid kit, then hit the road. I’d stay on the railway tracks out of the city and head to my parents’ place in Georgetown. My brothers would meet me there. This is a family plan. Then, we’d go on lockdown and ride out the storm in G Town.


Favourite colour: mustard

Favourite movie: Princess Bride, I know that’s so pathetically typical.

Tims or Starbucks: Starbucks.

Top 3 desert island luxuries: A bottle of champagne, a large hammock and Joseph Gordon Levitt

Favorite Pilates exercise at the moment: Standing leg work on the reformer

Each month I’ll post a new Q&A with the Body Mason staff. And then maybe we’ll move on to clients…

- Emma : )