Q&A: Get to know Heather MacPhail, Body Mason Instructor


Heather is a Stott Pilates instructor, contemporary dancer and dance instructor. She came to Pilates after years of personal training, where she was always looking for new ways to help her clients achieve their goals. She believes Pilates has the ability to transform bodies and is one of the greatest tools available in recovery from injury. Heather is continually looking to expand her own knowledge and practice and has done so with Anatomy Trains, Zenga, Core Athletic Conditioning and CanFitPro. She is on faculty in the dance department at George Brown College, is an instructor with The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and active as a professional dancer. Heather is also a running and yoga enthusiast and a proud mom to daughter Josie.


What is your death-row meal?: Lobster, grilled veg, a huge salad. And then every kind of dessert.

When stress gets too much: Run for as long as I can that day. Or a kitchen dance party.

What childhood toy are you embarrassed you still have: Lios, the lion- my beat up, raggle-snaggle, threadbare buddy. Except I'm not actually embarrassed because he is awesome.

The thing that makes you most happy: My daughter, without a doubt.

What are you most scared of: Trying something new and sucking at it.

What do you have to force yourself to do: Stop procrastinating! But I can do that tomorrow.

What’s your power jam song: Some classic MJ

First kiss – when and where: Travis, in the park in grade two. It was a dare.

Bucket list trip: Anywhere! Everywhere! But for now, I'll settle for a trip to the bathroom alone, without a tiny person yelling at me and unrolling all the toilet paper.

What is your zombie apocalypse plan: OK, well stick together as a family- making sure to take our beast-dog. I think he'd do really well. Then meet up with my husband's buddies. He used to be a cop, and they still are- so they've got guns, armour and training. And we'd have to get out of the city. Let s just all pray the zombies are the slow, 'Walking Dead' type, and not the crazy agile, 'World Ware Z' type. 


Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite movie: The Austin Powers Trilogy. I quote them ALL THE TIME

Tims or Starbucks: There is way too much good coffee in this city to drink either of those. But, Starbucks in a pinch.

Top 3 desert island luxuries: sunscreen, lip chap and a yacht.

Favorite Pilates exercise at the moment: I'm on a glute kick, so any bridge variations. 

Thanks Heather! Stay tuned for the next Q&A coming next month!