Q&A: Get to know Meghan Cafferky, Body Mason Instructor

What is your death-row meal: So morbid! Baby Back Ribs and Frites

When stress gets too much: Red wine

What childhood toy are you embarrassed you still have: A stuffed dog that I only stopped sleeping with when I met my boyfriend six years ago.

The thing that makes you most happy: Nature and people I love

What are you most scared of: Heights and failing my kid

What do you have to force yourself to do:  clean

What’s your power jam song:  'Bombs Over Baghdad' by Outkast

First kiss – when and where: Pass. I still cringe. So many braces!!!!

Bucket list trip: Iceland

What is your zombie apocalypse plan:

Hopefully I'll be living off the grid in some sort of protect commune at that point anyways. It's the life plan regardless of the apocalypse.


Favourite colour:  Purple

Favourite movie: Probably Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet

Tim’s or Starbucks: neither

Top 3 desert island luxuries: tweezers, machete fire starter

Favorite Pilates exercise at the moment: Kneeling Hinge. More of a therapeutic exercise really, but so wonderful for helping people to understand proper hip function, which can then be transferred to over more complicated and physically demanding exercises.