Advanced Level

Body Burn Cardio Mat

Take your Pilates training to the next level with the this fast paced cardio mat class focused on muscle burn out, for maximum muscle definition and quick results. Combine the effective sculpting of Pilates with bursts of toning cardio.  ** This is an advanced level class and Essential CORE Mat is a MANDATORY pre-requisite.

Lunch Time Burn

Brings a new meaning to term Power Lunch! A fast paced 45min reformer workout that will leave you feeling the burn until lunchtime tomorrow! **Experience necessary. Advanced level, Foundations is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Legs and Butt

This Mat class is specifically developed to sculpt and tone your lower body to give you the ‘lift’ you’ve always wanted. **Experience necessary, Essential Mat is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Power Machine

A classic Pilates reformer workout. The machine provides resistance training and support for advanced repertoire, increasing whole body strength, stability and flexibility. **Experience necessary. Advanced level, Essential Reformer is a recommended pre-requisite for this class.

Body Barre

Get moving in this advanced Ballet Barre workout! Get the rigour of a barre fitness class but keep the expressiveness, movement and artistry of a Ballet class. Sculpt and Tone like a professional dancer and enjoy the freedom and energy of moving to music.

Standing FLOW

This class takes core Pilates mat-work principles and  partners them with a series of fluid standing exercises to offer the ultimate challenge to your core stability, lower and upper body strength, flexibility and levels of physical dynamics. All executed to a percussive musical soundscape of contemporary music pulsating with rhythms and sounds that underscore each exercise. Get your sweat on with this fast paced movement class! ** Advance Mat work prerequisite Mandatory** 

Mat BLAST (30 min) 

Hit the mat for 30 minutes of the most intense Pilates core workout yet! This is an advanced level mat class utilizing small props and combination exercises to get the most out of your body in the shortest amount of time. ** Advanced level class, the Essential CORE is a pre-requisite